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The little girl we are sponsoring!


The letter she sent us, which is now hanging on the fridge.

A few days ago I mentioned one of the organizations my family are involved in and you can read about it here. Today I wanted to share another great organizations we recently became apart of Compassion. If you haven’t heard about Compassion before it is a Child Sponsorship Program, Child Survival Program, Leadership Development Program, and so much more! My husband and I decided to a sponsor a little girl less than a year ago and so far we love it! We love the fact that because we choose to go through Compassion that she will be learning of Christ’s love for her. My favorite is writing little letters on behalf of my 3 year old and sending them to her. My daughter was so excited when she got a letter back. ┬áThere are so many child sponsorship programs out there but I just wanted to say that the reason we choose Compassion is because of their Commitment to Christ, Children, and to Church. So when you’re looking into helping children out in some way please consider Compassion.


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Jan. 23,2009

Gresham Machen

Gresham Machen

Christian History Gresham Machen

“Liberalism appeals to man’s will, while Christianity announces, first, a gracious act of God.”

Christianity had always been rooted in the saving acts of Christ’s death and resurrection, whereas liberal Protestantism reduced Christianity to a set of general religious principles regarding the moral teachings of Jesus. I believe there are too many churches becoming more liberal and less Christian. I praise God that my church is not one of them. Lord I pray that I never stray from the root of YOU! I pray that I will be more vocal of my relationship with You. Give me courage to share Your Word with others. Also, give me wisdom that when the time comes for me to share I will know what to say. Thank you for all that You have done and for all that You will do! Bless it be Your Name! Amen.

*My notes while reading the book The One Year Christian History

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