My Testimony

Sex, Drugs, and Alcohol…has nothing to do with my testimony. I use to think because I got saved at a young age I didn’t really have a testimony and if I did it was so very boring! As I got older in age and in my walk with the Lord I realized it doesn’t matter how gritty or non-gritty your testimony is it is still your God story and He will use to do His will. So here it goes…

I was blessed to be raised in a Christian home and we went to church every Sunday, I remember one particular Sunday I was able to sit in big church (grown up church not Sunday School) and they were having communion. I was around 7 (I think maybe younger) and I was like you guys get a snack in church, I want one!!! My dad didn’t let me partake in the grown up snack time and later explained to me why. After our chat I thought to my self all I have to do is say a prayer and then I could have communion, OKAY let’s do it!! So later that week our Pastor came over to once again explain to me what communion meant and what the prayer I was about to say meant as well. I was like I get it let’s do this, so we prayed and one Sunday soon after I was baptized. Even though I said the salvation prayer I don’t believe I was truly saved that didn’t come until I was 12.

When I was in middle school we moved from Arizona to Oklahoma where we ended up going to this amazing Newchurch (that’s actually the name) and they had an awesome youth group! I immediately got involved so I could make friends and figured out there was so much more to this than just making friends. This is where I discovered true worship and really experienced the Holy Spirit and understand that’s what it was. One summer our youth group went to a youth conference and it was amazing that night I went up front and rededicated my life to Christ (but in reality probably got saved for the first time). I was so on fire for the Lord that  I do remember sharing my faith with a friend of mine when I got back to school and praying with her. While I was going to that church I was encouraged in my walk with the Lord but we moved again and that’s when I became a fan of Jesus and no longer a follower of Christ.

Years go by and I was a huge fan of Jesus and I did all the things I thought it meant to be a Christian, I didn’t cuss, drink, do drugs, smoke, and I believed in waiting til marriage. I thought this list was what made me a

Us in High School

Christian and in high school I met a boy named Larry who also followed the same list. So as a Freshman I knew I had found my husband because he was a Christian, followed the list, and he was HOT!!! After high school we got married and we both lived our lives as huge fans of Jesus. It wasn’t until Larry was sent to Iraq for over a year where I actually began my relationship with Jesus Christ. While he was overseas I moved back in with my parents so we could save money to buy a home when he got back. So I started attending their church which teaching verse by verse, chapter by chapter straight out of the Bible. I have never learned so much nor hungered for the Word as I did then. I was broken because the love of my life was not next to me and I wanted as much Jesus as I could get to keep me from going to a dark state of depression. Before going to this church I never really read the Bible on my own nor realized how important it is that I be doing so. I praise the Lord for that church because it got me through one of the toughest years I have ever endured and it woke me up to realize that it takes much more than just being a FAN of Jesus but showed me how to be a FOLLOWER of Jesus Christ.

When my husband got home from Iraq his walk with the Lord also changed he was on fire and it still burns today! God did a work on him while he was overseas and he came back a godly man who knows God’s word like no one else I know. Seeing this in him made me just fall in love with him so much more! When your man loves Jesus more than he loves you it is the best thing for your marriage!! Together we are following hard after Jesus and still have a lot to learn but I am so thankful for my God story but also thankful that it’s not finished yet. The story continues…


One response to “My Testimony

  1. Uncle Stephen

    That is an awesome recount of God’s blessings and salvation for All, no mater what your back ground is you still have to repent of your sins and follow Christ. I am very very proud of you and Larry. Love you guys.

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