Finding Your Fulfilling Purpose- Katy Kauffman

Author PictureAn Interview with Katy Kauffman, author of 2 Timothy: Winning the Victory. 

Q: Share a little background about yourself.

A: I’m Katy Kauffman, and I love studying God’s Word and writing about it. I have a ministry with my family in which we write and teach Bible studies. Our ministry is called Lighthouse Bible Studies, a dream almost twenty years in the making. It became a reality last year. I published my first Bible study through our ministry, and I’m working on the next one.

Q: For God has “called us with a holy calling, not according to our works, but according to His own purpose and grace which as given to us in Christ Jesus before time began” (2 Timothy 1:9) When and how did you know what God’s plan was for you?

A: I knew as a preteen that I was supposed to be a Bible teacher, but it wasn’t till I was in my late twenties that I understood that plan meant publishing Bible studies. I followed the direction I had, and God steered my family and me the rest of the way.

Q: Once the Lord spoke to you about your purpose did you obey right away or did you struggle?


A: I wanted to do it! I loved His Word and wanted to share it. But I was scared and wondered whether I would be able to do it.

Q: What obstacles did you have to overcome and/or still run into?

A: Fear, self-doubt, distractions, weaknesses, busy-ness

Q: Is what you are doing currently fulfilling? In what ways?

A: Yes, it is fulfilling. I know this is God’s path for me and what He wanted me to do. I can use the gifts He’s given me, I can bless others and learn from them too, I have a peace and joy that’s missing when I’m not writing or teaching.

Q: Do you recall a time when you lacked peace about a job or situation and how God delivered you out of it?

A: I prayed about whether to be a camp counselor at a place I thought was perfect. I knew God wanted me to pray about it, but I didn’t realize He didn’t have for me to do it. But not doing it steered me in a different direction, what He had for me. He wanted me to seek Him about it, but stay close to Him to know His will. He does show us the way!

Q: What advice to you have for women who are still searching to fulfill their purpose?

A: Ask God to guide you, and start doing something at your church that you think He has gifted you for. What ministries would you like to be a part of, and seek God’s direction about it. Try something, and see if it works. When we take the first step in faith, based on what we know so far, God will lead us to take the next and the next.


I would like to thank Katy for taking her time to be interviewed here are so ways you can connect with Katy:


You can also buy her latest book on Amazon.



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  1. Thank you for the interview, Heather! It was a blessing to be a part of your blog.

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