Fear Series | Taming the Nightmares

Defying Shadows

The following is the first installment of the Fear Series written by a lovely lady named Heather. Be sure to share your thoughts below!

My very first memory of experiencing fear was around 6 or 7 give or take, and I’m not talking about your everyday fear your normal kid has like being afraid of the dark (which I was). No the fear I had were nightmares that were so real to me that while having them I would arch my back and becoming soaked from stress sweating.

I had a variety of nightmares from your normal monsters in your closet to aliens abducting me (living in Arizona this was a common theme among people). But there were two nightmares that I had over and over again that were the worst of them all. The first one dream was about wolves breaking into my bedroom window and they ate my…

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