Gone Fishin’ (for compliments)

I d0020fe789bc25963fe24740d9744755bon’t know about you but I am so blessed to be married to such a godly man who runs our household very well. With that said he is not one to shower me with compliments  needlessly and with my unnecessary need for affirmation I go fishing for them. Here is an example of a conversation we may have where I have gone fishin’.

imagesMe: “How was dinner?”
Husband: “It was fine.”
Me: “But you don’t love it? Would you want me to make it again?”
Husband: “I don’t care honey, I loved it! Is that what you want me to say.”
Me: “Only if you mean it.”

As I am reading this I realize how annoying I am. My poor husband comes home from a long day of work and all he wants to do is eat dinner and here I am drilling him with questions just so I can get some kind of compliment out of him. Good Grief, I need help! Even when I do finally catch a compliment from him because I went fishing for it doesn’t have the same effect as when he gives me one completely on his own. For example:

Text Messages:
Me: “Please pray for me!! Can’t find my licenses anywhere, can I not have just one good day where nothing goes wrong?”
Me: “I feel like I’m in an emotional boxing match with the devil and I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to last.”
Husband: “Praise God!! You must be doing something right, keep blogging!”

When my husband compliments me on my walk with the Lord that trumps any compliment he could ever give me on what I made for dinner. Those are the compliments I should seek and the only way I will get those is if I keep my focus on the Lord and serving Him. Not by nagging my poor husband or striving to please him just so he can say “That was yummy”.

Better to live in a desert than with a quarrelsome and nagging wife. ~Proverbs 21:19

Lord, Please help me to keep my eyes on you and to seek to only please you! I know that in pleasing you it will in return please my husband. Help me to not fish for compliments with husband or anyone else for that matter and if I do relieve it to me so I may put a stop to it. In Jesus name Amen!



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