Looking Good!

Early in my marriage I use to joke about now I no longer have to try so hard to impress him he’s stuck with me now. How wrong I was!!! We are to honor our husbands with our behavior as well as our appearance while also not becoming vain. I know, I know…what you’re saying “When do I have time after getting the kids ready?” or “He never takes me out or gives me a reason to get dressed up.” It doesn’t matter if you have a date night once a month or never, LADIES it’s our duty to earn that second look from our man!! Just like we want our husbands to still be romantic and surprise us once in awhile we should do the same just in a more visual way. (wink, wink) So break out the heels, dust off the make-up bag, plug up the straighter, spray on some perfume and go get your MAN!!! (by man I mean your husband only, of course)

In honor of Looking Good! I will be doing a giveaway that just might come in handy, don’t worry it’s nothing weird I promise!

I will be giving away 12 free redbook subscriptions. (picture on the left) I will also be giving away 12 L’Oreal Goodie Bags just as pictured on the right. So 24 prizes in all just click the link below to enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

20140919_170634 20140919_170615


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