Living Proof Live- Part Two

Now that I have shared what I believe was my purpose for attending the Beth Moore Living Proof Simulcast I would love to share with you all the wonderful things that I took from it. I know that Beth Moore is not for everyone but through her thick southern accent she has always said things that hit straight to my heart. Sometimes after listening to her I think to myself “Duh, of course that’s why I feel this way.”

Okay now onto the juicy bit…the whole day was focused on women and that God has a heart

Print this out and say it daily!

Print this out and say it daily!

for us! Sometimes I feel like I lose my identity and just become a list of titles, if that makes any sense? Some of my titles include daughter, sister, wife, mother, etc…but when you look behind all of that what do you see? Some of us have no clue because we have let our routines define us and that is why I loved the Identity Declaration that Beth provided for us during one session and is also on her blog. It reminds us that we are WOMEN OF GOD!!!!

“Blessed is SHE who believed.”~Luke 1:45

Sometimes a woman needs a clean sweep to find what she’s missing. If you are anything like me you have so much clutter in your head you don’t know what you’re missing, if anything. I need clarity and to find it we need to get alone with God. Easier said then done I know when you still have kids in the house but I love how the New American Standard Bible puts this verse…

“But Jesus Himself  would often slip away to the wilderness and pray.” ~Luke 5:16

My notes from the day!

My notes from the day!

Even Jesus had to “slip” away to pray and how much more important that we “slip” away and pray!  I still struggle with this but I tend to have my study time before bed to ease my busy mind.  When do you set time with the Lord? Have a regular date with your heavenly father and it will change your life!



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  1. I also have done the Beth Moore bible studies. Great post!

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